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EasyHideIP.com Megavideo Downloader is a flash video downloader. It was designed to be used to download flash video off Megavideo.com, which is one of the many video sharing web sites in existence. The application is absolutely free and it couldn't possibly be any more basic than it is.

Graphically, we are talking about a single window, the size of your web browser toolbar. In it, you will find a single field for the video URL. You can download any video that you want from Megavideo.com. All you have to do is copy the URL from your browser's address bar, and paste it onto the interface. When you click "download" a new window will appear asking you if you want to open the file or save it to your disk. This is the same window that appears when you attempt to download something with Internet Explorer, so you probably have seen it before.

I normally don't visit Megavideo.com, but I thought their user interface was awful, and selecting a video was very hard, mainly because of that thumbnail view they have going on. I thought the speed at which videos downloaded was average using this downloader. It was a little slower than downloading a video off YouTube, but that is to be expected.

All in all, the application does a great job of downloading videos off Megavideo.com and it is absolutely free.

José Fernández
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  • It tries to install an app called "AutoComplete Pro"
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